The psychology of work groups

I wrote an article about teamwork and effective communication for the latest issue of Agile Record. It’s called The psychology of workgroups. Have a read!

WarmShowers Android app status update

The latest version (1.1.0) should take care of the problems caused by the site redesign.

WarmShowers Android app status

The website has undergone a redesign recently. Unfortunately some of the functionality that the Android app relies on (most noticeably messaging) has changed, meaning that the app is currently not working properly. I am currently on the road without

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Splitting Robot Framework tests into batches for parallel execution

If you have been using Robot Framework for a while, chances are that you have racked up a sizable collection of tests. If the majority of these tests are UI tests, executing them in a single batch might take too

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WarmShowers for Android released!

I just released a little pet project of mine to the Google Play market: WarmShowers for Android. The name refers to, an online service that connects touring cyclists to people willing to host them for a night or two.

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Agile Business Analysis

I attended the ScanAgile 2012 conference the other day and thought I would reflect a bit here on the talks and workshops that I attended. First up are some thoughts on Chris Matts‘ session on Agile Business Analysis (actually the

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Agile acceptance testing with Robot Framework

I’ve been using Robot Framework for the better part of a year now. Starting out, we used Robot Framework mostly for getting an old legacy web application under test, writing lots of Selenium test cases that excercised the web application’s

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Robot Framework proves its worth

I was recently hired to work on a project that involves a rather complex web application with a ten-year-old codebase and very little in the way of tests. It’s a textbook example of what Uncle Bob would call a “rigid

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About element qualifiers in XMLUnit

While writing unit tests for a piece of XML-generating software I’ve recently come across XMLUnit, which takes XML testing to a wholly different level as compared to simple, bug-prone string comparisons. In general, XMLUnit is a very well-designed tool (kudos

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